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Granby CLT and Assemble Turner Prize House Model
Granby CLT and Assemble Turner Prize House Photo
Granby CLT and Assemble Turner Prize House Photo

10 House Project : Properties for sale/to let

The 10 House Project was our first initiative to identify and develop houses for affordable rent and ownership on Cairns Street. By 2019 we completed eleven 2-bed terraced houses, of which so far 5 have been sold while the remaining 6 are rentable, affordable homes. On top of this we recently opened the Granby Winter Garden, an indoor community and arts space with an indoor garden, converted from two adjoining houses.

Five of our homes have been sold and five now have tenants. The last house for rent, will shortly be let. We have prioritised tenants for our new homes based on our allocations of housing need, but also have encouraged previous Granby residents to return to the community. If you are interested please contact Steve Biko Housing Association for more information on 0151 734 4933.


Our architects, Assemble, have been instrumental in creating imaginative, contemporary interiors for the houses, which make them striking both in design and comfortable to live in. The design and renovation by Assemble won the Turner Prize in 2015, becoming the youngest “non-artists” to win an award typically given to visual artists. In collaboration with ceramics studio Granby Workshop and artist Will Shannon the houses are fitted with bespoke door handles, bathroom tiles and fireplaces, reflecting the creative vibrancy of the neighbourhood.

More information on the project can be found on Assemble’s website here. Granby Workshop is now a highly successful independent company, employing 6 people and getting national and international commissions. Please visit their website for their product range.