Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust


Granby Winter Garden

The Granby Winter Garden is our latest project to be opened to the public. With the help of architects Assemble we used two adjoining terrace houses to create a community-owned space, which can be used for workshops, events, artist residencies and social gatherings as well as a shared space for gardening. The Winter Garden is a fully livable space, with a ‘spare room,’ kitchen and accessible bathroom. The interiors, like the 10 House Project, have also been installed with ceramics by Granby Workshop.

The Winter Garden was opened in March 2019, with the garden designed and planted by the gardener in residence Andrea Ku, and our first commission ‘The Shared Habitat’ created by artist in residence Nina Edge. We have since run workshops with Akoma Arts, Andrea Ku, and crafting workshops for children with Vikky Evans-Hubbard. 

The building of The Granby Winter Garden was made possible by the support of Arts Council England, The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation, PH Holt Foundation, The Granada Foundation, The People’s Health Trust, Veolia Environmental Trust, The Elizabeth Rathbone Charitable Trust and the Co-operative Foundation. Establishing and equipping the garden was supported by the Finnis Scott Foundation and the Stanley Smith (UK) Horticultural Trust.

190521 view frame community building open light shadows c (7).JPG
190521 winter garden community architecture building light shadows c (2).JPG