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Granby Four Streets CLT is excited to announce that the first artists commission for Granby Winter Garden has been awarded to Nina Edge. We received more than 50 brilliant applications from artists from and far, but we are delighted to be able to offer the commission to an outstanding artist who happens to live and work closer to home. Nina trained as a ceramicist and became known for subversive use of craft processes in shows with Black British artists in the 1980s. Her practice is socially engaged and she has undertaken many long standing collaborations with communities. Productions include bilingual advertising hoardings, radical textiles and sculptures made from money. Nina is also a passionate and accomplished gardener and we were delighted to find an artist who could bring together true expertise in working with both people and plants for this important project.

Over the next few months Nina will work with local people, horticultural experts and Winter Garden architects Assemble to transform 37-39 Cairns Street into a beautiful indoor garden. Nina says “Granby people have inspired the world, by digging in and planting themselves a bright future. I’m as pleased as punch to be appointed for the horticultural commission, which will be formed from plants, structures and lighting, inside a house that has been empty for many years. This is exactly the kind of experimental and creative environment in which new ways of making art can grow.”

Eleanor Lee, Cairns Street resident and a founding member of the CLT said “We’re just delighted that Nina Edge will be the artist in residence for Granby Winter Garden. She’s a brilliant artist – brave, willing to take risks and experiment across different art forms. She’s shown absolute commitment to working with communities throughout her career– and we’re looking forward to working with her to create something beautiful that connects to the spirit of creativity in Granby."

Nina’s commission is the first in a new programme of artists’ projects and residencies for Granby Winter Garden developed in partnership with Bluecoat and supported through public funding from Arts Council England. We will be announcing a range of workshops and activities that will take place over the summer in the lead up to the Winter Garden opening in the Autumn 2017, giving a taste of things to come and lots of different ways to get involved.

The programme begins with an introduction to Nina’s work and to share ideas for the commission on Saturday 1st July (at our Eid Themed Market) and Monday 3rd July at 6.30pm in 142 Granby Street. You can also catch up with her most Mondays when she plans to be working in and around Granby.


Granby Winter Garden will be a sustainable, creative community space owned and managed by and for the local community. One house will become an urban indoor garden opening up the full height of the building up to a glass roof– full of plants and greenery. The house next door will combine a meeting space, a studio that can be used for creative activities, and a “spare room” that will host artists in residence as well as paying guests. The building project has been funded by Arts Council England, The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation, PH Holt Foundation, The Granada Foundation, The People’s Health Trust and Veolia Environmental Trust.


Nina Edge - First Artist Residency Winter Garden


 Post:                                                      Community Gardener in Residence

Wage:                                                   6-month contract initially. £16.00 per hour. Minimum of 14 hours a week

Based at:                                             Granby Winter Garden 37-39 Cairns Street, L8 2UW

Accountable to:                                Winter Garden Development Group & Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust

Start date:                                           June 2018 to December 2018

Probation:                                          This post carries a 2-month probationary period.

Deadline for applications:    Monday 21st May, 4p.m.


Two Victorian 2-bedroomed terraced houses in the heart of Granby have been re-imagined and re-built as extraordinary sustainable, multi-purpose spaces, owned and managed by and for the local community.  One house is opened up to the full height of the building, with a glass roof, becoming a public indoor garden full of greenery, with trees, ferns and climbers using the whole space. The second will combine an artist’s residency & workshop, a community meeting, making and socialising space and an Air bnb.

Granby Community Land Trust Winter Garden Project


Granby Winter Garden is a collaboration between Assemble, Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust and local residents, it is based in the heart of Liverpool 8 and is a key project in the CLT’s long-term plans to revitalise the Granby neighbourhood. The Community Land Trust (CLT) is a non-profit community-based organisation that is creating affordable homes and enabling regeneration in the Granby Four Streets area. Our members are made up of local residents in Granby and local community organisations and businesses.


Granby Street was once a lively, cosmopolitan high street which was the historic focus of the black community in Liverpool. 10 minutes from the city centre and right by two of Liverpool’s loveliest parks, it is an architecturally, socially and culturally rich environment –  a really lovely neighbourhood. It was also at the centre of the Toxteth uprising of 1981 - having experienced generations of poverty, unemployment, and institutional racism.

Over the last 30 years, hundreds of terraced houses have been compulsory purchased, boarded up & demolished - and a long-standing community dispersed. The CLT grew out of the community’s long and varied campaigns to oppose demolition and rebuild their neighbourhood. These included Granby Residents’ Association and collective direct actions: public art works, a street market and most visibly, the guerrilla gardening that residents have carried out over the past decade.

The only four remaining original streets are now undergoing a major refurbishment programme by a mix of partners. It’s a time of change and of rebuilding: of our shops, community resources, youth and employment opportunities, and of our own daily interactions with our each other and our built environment.

Granby is a resilient community, but it still has to be viewed in the context of harsh and confining socio-economic realities. It seems clear that these external conditions will not improve – and one of the key lessons that we have learnt over the last decades is that we have to organise to take control of our neighbourhoods. Our best options lie in community ownership, collective hands-on activities and the willingness to think and act outside the box.


Community Gardener - Gardener in Residence

We aim to create, by our own work and imagination, the greenest quarter in the city - streets and public spaces that are green, creative places for people of all ages to plant, meet, socialise and play in.

The Winter Garden project bridges separations between indoors and outdoors, personal and public space. Our streets are galleries, gardens, playground and meeting places. Experience over the last 10 years has shown us that gardening can be a transformative act, with the potential to regenerate an apparently ‘doomed’ neighbourhood by changing the appearance, atmosphere and ‘liveability’ of our streets. It gives a sense of common purpose and of creative control over our environment.

We want to make the most of those who already have horticultural skills and knowledge in Granby - working with individuals and organisations to support and share their expertise - as well as to create new opportunities for those with less experience. 

We believe that gardening is an inherently creative activity with the potential to benefit people from all walks of life. We are looking for someone who shares this outlook.


Applications should include: 

● A covering letter not exceeding 1 A4 page (point 11 text) stating why you wish to be considered for this position 

● A completed application form.

Please send your email application to, or hard copies to John McGuigan, North West Housing Services, 19, Devonshire Road, Liverpool L8 3TX, with the subject heading ‘Gardener in Residence Application/YOUR NAME’

Closing Date: Monday, May 21st at 4 p.m.

● Shortlisted candidates will be informed by Wednesday May 23rd

● Interviews will take place on Friday, May 25th

Job Description and Application Form