Granby Four Streets CLT



The CLT has formed many partnerships to make the 10 houses project happen:

•    Liverpool City Council transferred 10 properties over to the Graby 4 Streets CLT
•    The first people to offer financial and other support were Steinbeck Studio who offered us an interest free loan and paid for the production of a report on our vision for the area that has encouraged other partners to get involved. They are now providing us with project management as well as developing their own plans to redevelop homes on Ducie Street. 
•    We have secured financial support from Nationwide Foundation , Power To Change, The Homes and Communities Agency, National Lottery, National CLT Network, Steve Biko Housing and Plus Dane Group. 
•    The other houses in the Four Streets area are being developed by Plus Dane, LMH and Terrace 21 housing co-op.