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Nina Edge annouced as first Artist Commission for Winter Garden

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We can finally tell everyone... Nina Edge has been selected to be our first artist in residence for the Granby Winter Garden. We are all so excited and can't wait to see what she brings to this amazing space. Nina will be at our Eid Celebration market on Saturday the 1st July as well as holding an introduction session on Monday the 3rd July. Check out our Winter Garden page for more info.

Busy as ever....Newsletter is coming Hazel!

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What a busy year so far! Can't believe it's May already! I've been trying to get a newsletter together since January and have failed miserably to get organised and as the summer months beckon I will need to remove the opening strap line of 'Welcome to a New Year' and wish everyone a 'Welcome to the Summer Solstice' at this rate.  However having recently recruited new part-time members of staff, Sara and Shanaz, I'm hoping that they will organise me and something will happen in the next couple of weeks as I need to tell them what I'm doing as well as everybody else; "happy workplace induction - now write this down". Also the workshop have managed to produce three newsletters and a baby since the CLT's last one so I'm feeling the pressure (thanks Sumuyya and Baby Frank).

In the meantime the lovely Sara has been sorting our social media and you can now keep up to date with us  through a variety of media from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and You Tube. The links are on this very website - so check them out and get connected.