Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust

Nina Edge - First Artist Residency Winter Garden

Artist in Residence

Nina Edge

 Our first artist in residence for the Granby Winter Garden is Liverpool based multidisciplinary artist Nina Edge. Nina trained as a ceramicist and became known for subversive use of craft processes in shows with Black British artists in the 1980s. Her practice is socially engaged and she has undertaken many long standing collaborations with communities. Productions include bilingual advertising hoardings, radical textiles and sculptures made from money. Nina is also a passionate and accomplished gardener and we were delighted to find an artist who could bring together true expertise in working with both people and plants for this important project.

For the Granby Winter Garden Nina has installed a 6-foot crystal chandelier, entitled The Shared Habitat, hanging from the top of the glass roof and refracting the sunlight onto the interior of the garden. 

β€œFor the light to come on inside this once abandoned house is a great achievement. It comes after a time of darkness across L8, when hundreds of houses were empty. Dark by day, and dark by night. Now the light of life shines again in these streets, rescued and re-inhabited by local people. Artificial light is a marker of life, taken for granted until it goes out.” Nina Edge