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We want to get hold of the four former shops on the corners of Granby Street and Cairns Street and do them up.

As things stand, once all the housing work is done these four corners would be a major dilapidated blight in the heart of the new community. So we think it would be a really good idea for the Community Land Trust to be able to restore them and sort out new uses for them. Uses like - well what? What would your ideas be? 

We’ve got some initial funding for a Community Heritage Project to consult with local people on the Four Corners and see what ideas we’d all come up with to give them a viable future that also reflects the history and culture of Granby.

These discussions will begin on Tuesday 24th March, 6-8pm and we have taken on local community organisation ‘Writing on the Wall’ to run them.

They'll be asking everyone 'What's Your Granby Story?' and gradually starting to piece together ideas about the future from everyone's shared and individual stories of welcome, home and workplace.

So please do come even if you'd just like to listen to the stories. Stories of arriving and living and working in Granby that will help us all continue to make up its future.

 Depending on what’s found, we’d move on to the next phase of planning and detailed consultation ready to prepare a bid for some serious renovation works.

If it all works out we’d be looking at the Four Corners being up and operating as whatever we come up with in a couple of year’s time. 

If you'd like to be there contact:


Or call 'Writing on the Wall' on 0151 703 0020

Or just turn up!

More information about the discussions: